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My use of social media – who, what, and why?

This is the second of a pair of posts. The general topic of the value of social media and how I use it is covered in my IIA blog. This post lays out who I follow on Twitter, and why, and which groups I belong to on LinkedIn, and why.


 I follow 105 people. This includes friends that tweet occasionally, as well as individuals and sources whose posts I find valuable. Here’s a sample of the latter (for a complete list, check out my Twitter profile):

  • Dennis Howlett, a full time blogger and analyst on technology – including SAPs
  • Deon Binnemann, who focuses on reputation risk
  • Directorship, the magazine of the NACD, who tweets about corporate governance
  • Douglas Park, who also focuses in on corporate governance
  • Fay Feeney consults with corporate boards
  • Forrester Research, because they are an analyst firm that watches the GRC space and SAP
  • Mary Kurek (GRC Info), because she shares interesting information about GRC
  • Michael Rasmussen, who is a major figure in GRC thought leadership
  • OccHealthSafety; they provide information on the latest in environmental, health, and safety compliance
  • Rebecca Herold, a specialist in data privacy
  • Timo Elliott, who is an evangelist for business intelligence
  • Todd Davies, formerly with IIA Australia, focuses on strategic risk management
  • Alex Todd (TrustEnabler) tweets about governance from a trust perspective
  • CCI_Compliance is an online resource center for GRC
  • ComplianceWeek; Matt Kelly is an engaging commentator on the world of governance and compliance
  • HarvardBiz, for the latest blogs from Harvard Business Review
  • BreakingNews, so I get fast news of events around the world
  • ReTheAuditors, Francine McKenna, for the latest on the accounting firms
  • GoingConcern, a source of information on accounting matters
  • Douglas Chia, who is a corporate counsel and shares his governance perspectives
  • RiskContainment, on risk management
  • ITGRC, for the IT GRC forum
  • Tom Peters, who has sold more business books than everybody else – and whose Wow! concepts inspired much of my thinking
  • TheIIA, the voice of the global IIA


I have joined 37 groups, which may be too many. I manage one, for people interested in the IIA’s GAIT methodology (the GAIT group). Others include the following. I believe the relationship to internal audit, governance, risk, and compliance is clear.

  • Bay Area Security, Risk, and Compliance Professionals
  • Chief Audit Executives
  • Chief Risk Officer and Board Solution Providers
  • Continuous Control Monitoring
  • Corporate Integrity (GRC)
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management Association
  • Global Association of Risk Professionals
  • 6 groups around Governance, Risk, and Compliance or GRC
  • GVP, or Global Value Performance
  • Internal Audit Professionals and Internal Audit Beyond Compliance
  • IT-GRC and IT-Audit
  • Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG) GRC Professionals
  • Risk and Insurance Management
  • Risk and Reward
  • 2 around SAP GRC
  • Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE)
  • The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)

I am interested in where you see value. Would you add to this list?

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