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What were Norman’s most popular blogs in 2010?

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

2010 saw a nice increase in the number of page views and visitors to my personal blog on Governance, Risk Management, and Internal Audit. In all, there were just over 33,000 views. (By comparison, my IIA blog had 74,500 views.)

These were the most popular posts and the number of page views for each. What topics would you like to see covered this year?

The future of the internal audit profession 1,259
The difference between continuous controls monitoring and the continuous inspection of transactions 1,139
How do you evaluate your risk management program? 1,079
Lehman – question for US GAAP/GAAS experts 877
Risk Intelligence: Two fine new publications from Deloitte 855
Goldman Sachs’ 10 Principles of Effective Risk Oversight 824
People are the root cause of most risk and control issues 733
Where should internal audit report? Should it be to the audit committee? 720
Building the case for ERM 632
A discussion of Risk Appetite by thought leaders 621
Risks to watch in 2011 614
Risk-based Continuous Monitoring/Auditing – Developments 573
Continuous controls monitoring – grossly misunderstood! 515
Guidance for boards on their oversight of risk management 514
Just how effective are risk management practices today? 465
A true story of fraud and corporate culture that has implications for us all 454
The heart of GRC continues to beat – but what is it? 447
Some thoughts on COSO in 2010 439
Selecting the right GRC solution for your organization 436
Why I hate the term “GRC platform” 422
Monitoring Internal Controls and IT 420
Is there value in the concept of GRC? 401
Are Continuous Auditing and Continuous Assurance Myths? 385
How to define the scope and extent of work on ITGC for SOX 322
How Does SAP Enable World-Class GRC Processes? 312
Is there a good tool for evaluating risk management? 309
Why is GRC important? 300
A definition of GRC convergence 299
  1. edward ombonyo
    January 27, 2011 at 2:01 AM

    you have made acontribution to my knowlege as regards governance.thank you.please keep up the spirit

  2. April 9, 2014 at 12:30 AM

    Nice Post! thanks for sharing…

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