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New Business Analytics Blog (covering GRC, BI, and more)

If you are interested in advances in business analytics, GRC, or related topics, you might want to check out a new SAP site: http://blogs.sap.com/analytics/. Admittedly, the content is all SAP – but then SAP has a lion’s share of this market, so when they announce new solutions or major upgrades to existing ones, they merit attention. I, for one, am excited about the possibilities for rapid-fire analyses and data mining in the new in-memory analytics of SAP’s BI 4.0.

Next week, expect news to be shared on the Business Analytics site about SAP’s release of version 10.0 of their solutions for GRC. Watch that space!

  1. March 8, 2011 at 7:03 PM

    Norman, this is a very important topic. At Protiviti, we have given quite a bit of thought to the threats facing organizations today in a number of areas – including the protection of data. We would agree that the threat of a leak of confidential or sensitive data through a channel such as Wikileaks is a risk event that should be incorporated into an Enterprise-Wide Risk assessment and does not warrant special treatment. We would also agree that the inherent risks should be managed within the framework of the company’s security and privacy policies and practices. We would point out, however, the challenge of protecting data today, and the consequence of not effectively managing this threat has and will continue to escalate. Wikileaks is just the latest example of the threats facing organizations every day and therefore highlights the need to not only more effectively protect their data, but also the need to more effectively manage the data they possess. In response to this event, we wrote the a Flash Report to our clients highlighting the need to reconsider the entirety of their risks around data and consider the adequacy of their broader “data governance” capability in response to this ever increasing threat. This Flash Report is available at http://www.protiviti.com/en-US/Insights/Browse-by-Content/Regulatory-Reports/Pages/IT-Updates.aspx. I hope this is helpful to this dialogue.

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