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What do they say about the latest release of SAP’s solutions for GRC?

SAP believes that this new release, called 10.0, is significant. I agree, but my voice is less important than those of truly independent analysts and customers. What I can tell you is that I have spoken to a number of customers and consultants, and read the analysts’ reports, all of whom believe that SAP’s solutions have taken a major step forward.

So what are the key benefits of the 10.0 release? This is how SAP describes them:

  • A user-friendly interface with a common look and feel
  • Business intelligence (BI) reports and dashboards embedded directly within GRC solutions
  • Industry- and line of business-specific enhancements via partner-built content on the SAP EcoHub
  • Increased business alignment via the bow-tie builder, making compliance and risk management more strategic initiatives for organizations

What does this (sorry, SAP) techno-babble translate to for the business user?

  • All the solutions in SAP’s GRC portfolio now share the same technology. This not only provides a consistent look and feel, so users don’t have to learn how to navigate multiple solutions, but it also enhances the capability for enhanced integration (not only with GRC but also across the SAP portfolio). In my opinion, this is very important. I am a believer in software that supports the business process, not just a limited set of functionalities. For example, I believe it is critical to link risks to strategy and manage both. I believe in the value of automated, continuous risk monitoring. These can be achieved more simply and effectively when the solutions for managing risk and strategy, for risk and enterprise application processing, use the same technology.
  • Users of the solutions can now understand, analyze, and respond to GRC-related activities, events, and situations. They will have clear insights into risk and compliance situations and be able to manage their GRC business processes more effectively.
  • SAP partners have developed enhancements for customers in a number of businesses or roles. These have been collected and made available in one place: the SAP EcoHub.
  • The bow-tie is a technique for advanced users, primarily in risk management. Rather than try to explain it here, check this link if you are interested.

What do the analysts have to say? From what I have seen, the reviews are excellent. Here are a few for your review:


Additional information and resources:

  1. March 23, 2011 at 3:41 AM

    Hi Norman,
    Very good blog 🙂
    However, I still maintain that the actual implementation of SAP is crucial to its success and therefor it does not only come down to a company’s technical infrastructure but also who has done the SAP implementation.
    The quality of the consulting house, its staff and any freelancers they may have hired in to do work which they have no free capacity in – are all very important factors. We need to raise the consulting standards to meet SAP’s new (and old) solutions ensuring project success!

    Cheers from a sunny day in Gothenburg,

  1. March 28, 2011 at 12:34 AM

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