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There’s a ton of interesting content in Deloitte’s “Tech Trends 2011”

Put aside some time to read through this new report from Deloitte, subtitled The natural convergence of business and IT.  Here are some of the highlights for me, although I will bet you will have your own favorites:

  1. A major focus on business intelligence and visualization. As the paper points out, the immense improvement in speed (from technologies such as SAP’s in-memory computing, or HANA) now enables trillions of records to be analyzed and converted from data into actionable data. With the explosion of data, that’s a real need and not just a theoretical possibility
  2. To make intelligent decisions, you need to have information that lets you see where you are and where you are going, not just where you have been. (Do I detect a use of my rear-view mirror metaphor?)
  3. The ability to use technology such as text analytics to turn unstructured data into valuable information. One great use of this will be for risk monitoring
  4. An emphasis on attention to the quality of data and data management. Sorting garbage quickly doesn’t make it better information
  5. ERP will continue to be vital and strong, with some functionality moving to device and the cloud
  6. The protection of data remains a critical priority, and the technology to detect threats is improving
  7. The CIO will become a revolutionary, the catalyst for changing the business
  8. Social computing is a new fundamental for enterprise IT
  9. Focus on the user and what they need, rather than on what technology offers
  10. User experience is key

Do you agree with the Deloitte crystal ball? What do you think of the paper?


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