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PwC provides wealth of material on innovation and mobility

I recommend finding the time to read and think about the implications of the articles in PwC’s latest edition of View. It includes pieces on:

  • Cybercrime and the general counsel
  • Innovation and the CEO
  • Mobility and how it will change business
  • Sustainability reporting
I personally like the piece on mobility because I believe it is not only changing the way people (especially the younger generation) expect to work with technology, but it will drive a change in business processes.
1. Is your company ready to embrace the new technology, especially mobile, or will it be among those left behind?
2. What about you? What are you doing to ensure you and your team are making the best use of the new technology? Do you understand what is possible?
  1. July 23, 2011 at 4:16 AM

    Thanks Norman. I found the cybercrime piece reasonably interesting (although terribly written) as it highlights and important point but perhaps one that doesnt just apply to Counsel but to many others who should be advised on a more timely basis when a breach is detected but are not i.e. CXOs, PR/Corp Comms, Business Partners (where relevant), HR, Corporate Security, BCP/DR leads, Compliance Officers (inc. Data Protection/Privacy). The importance of preparation, planning and exercising cannot be too highly stressed. We regularly train our clients in incident response & management techniques and put aside 1/3 of the course duration for the non-technical, but vitally important aspect, with clarification on the necessary and relevant laws, notifications, roles and skills.

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