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OCEG GRC Maturity Survey

OCEG is now collecting data for their 2012 GRC Maturity Survey. This research study, which they conduct every two years, collects responses from individuals who serve in all of the relevant roles that make up a GRC capability.

Join the hundreds of executives and staff in compliance, risk, finance, audit, legal, HR, IT, operations and other core functions as a participant in the survey. Encourage your board members, corporate secretary and CEO to also part;icipate in the short survey so that OCEG can report back to you on our findings based on both management and governance roles, industries, entity size and global regions. Participation is also encouraged from governmental bodies and a separate government report will be prepared if sufficient data is collected.

The survey addresses issues such as:

  • The level of integration of risk, compliance and performance activities and controls
  • The degree of confidence in ability to identify and manage risks and requirements
  • The use of technology to support GRC capability
  • GRC roles and organizational structures
  • Metrics and measurement of capability operation and outcomes
  • Realized benefits of integrated capability and negative effects of siloed operations

The full survey report will be available at no cost to everyone who completes the survey. Segmented analysis will also be developed with assistance from the University of Texas – Dallas Corporate Governance Center, and will be presented in a series of free OCEG webinars. This survey will provide information that you can use to build a business case for improving your organization’s approach to GRC. And, if you encourage all key GRC players in your organization to participate, you can use the questionnaire and the report as a tool for internal discussion as you seek to understand each other’s views.

Please pass this email along to your colleagues and contacts. OCEG had about 400 global participants in the 2010 survey and would like to expand our reach this time around.

One last note, you can start the survey now and return to finish it at another time, so don’t delay – just click the link below and begin.


(By Carole Switzer, President of OCEG)

  1. June 27, 2012 at 12:14 AM

    The GRC maturity survey is totaly free and it presented in a series of free webinars.It’s really a useful post.Thank you very much for the post.

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