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How Good is your GRC? My book now available in paperback and soft copy


Anyone who has been reading my posts should know that I have concerns about the way people are misusing the term GRC. In my April post, I closed with:

So here’s my recommendation to all: stop talking about GRC and start talking the language of the business. Let’s talk about how we can increase value to stakeholders, address potential obstacles and seize opportunities to excel, act with integrity and remain in compliance with current and anticipated regulations, and manage the organization to success.

So how do we move forward?

It is important to get each part of the business working well. But it is also important that they work together. We don’t want fragmented operations that operate in silos.

How can an organization’s board, executives, or internal auditors determine whether their different activities (such as strategy, performance, and risk management) are working together, in harmony, for the optimization of performance while acting with integrity?


The Book

I have a new e-book, How Good is your GRC? Twelve Questions to Guide Executives, Boards, and Practitioners. It consolidates my thinking about what GRC means and the business problem it represents (the failure to have the various pieces work together in harmony). I include twelve questions, with discussion, that you can use within your organization in a discussion or assessment process.


How and Where is it Available?

If you want a soft copy to read on your PC, tablet, or eReader, a Kindle version is available from Amazon. If you want to read it on your PC, first download the free Kindle for PC app; for the iPad or iPhone, download the free Kindle app from the Apple App Store; and for an Android device, there is a free app on Google Play. Then go to Amazon to purchase the ebook.

A paperback version is now available from Amazon or (my preference) the CreatesSpace e-store.

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