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The digital trends most likely to influence business strategy

A new ISACA series of reports is available. Targeted at board members, the C-Suite, and those who influence them, ISACA Innovation Insights are a free download.

This is how ISACA describes the series:

Timely and authoritative information designed to help enterprise leaders be more agile in strategy-setting and execution by evaluating both the opportunities and risks of new technology.

ISACA has launched a new service to provide easy to use, timely, relevant, and unbiased information to organizational leaders at board and C-suite levels to help them more quickly adapt to changing information technology. This information includes insights into both the opportunities and risks of new technology and is designed to help enterprises be more agile in establishing or modifying strategy in a constantly changing world. These reports are designed to help governance teams understand — without technical jargon — what innovations matter to them, how those innovations change their competitive landscape, and how to engage their management teams relative to these new areas.

The Insights service is comprised of a periodic research report (the ISACA Innovation Insights report), within which the most important new emerging technology trends are objectively evaluated based on their ability to provide value to your organization. Supplemental “drill-down” reports (ISACA Trend Reports) provide executive and governance-focused guidance on individual trends.

I recommend downloading the Innovation Insights report first. It identifies the top ten digital trends, with more information available on each in individual reports that can be downloaded later.

ISACA will poll those who access the reports to get their assessment, but I am interested in any observations you are willing to share here.


Full disclosure: I am a member of the committee that provided oversight for the series.

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