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Risk Management for Success – E-reader Version

November 30, 2020 Leave a comment Go to comments

Initially, I only had a hard copy version available for my new book. The reason is that the maturity model section is extensive and has to be presented in landscape. Amazon’s Kindle software does not support a book that has both portrait and landscape sections.

A number of people told me that they wanted an e-reader version because of issues with Amazon delivery to their location.

I have now added that e-reader (Kindle) version and it’s available on Amazon.

I continue to recommend the hard copy for several reasons, including the fact that it presents far better in terms of format.

I had to make a compromise with the Kindle version. Since I cannot include the landscape maturity model in the same document, the Kindle version has a link so you can download it in PDF format.

I hope this works for everybody.

I am very interested in any feedback readers may share on the concepts and ideas in the book.

I am convinced that transformation is essential – and that the book portrays a vision for ‘risk management’ that will change the views of leaders from it being a compliance activity to avoid failure to one that makes a significant contribution to achieving success.

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