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My Holiday Gift to You

December 17, 2021 Leave a comment Go to comments

A couple of years ago, I published a book that describes how I would perform an assessment of internal audit effectiveness.

Today I am almost giving it away.

Is your internal audit world-class? A maturity model for internal audit includes a fairly detailed maturity model as well as guidance on how to use it for a quality assessment (QAR) or other review of internal audit effectiveness.

The model is based on what I have been writing about here and in Auditing that Matters, my seminal book on world-class internal auditing practices.

Normally, the book retails on Amazon at $27.95. It is available only in paperback as the model will not display properly (its landscape) in e-reader form.

But for the Season, I have reduced it to the minimum Amazon price of just $10 (prices on local Amazon sites, such as in the UK and Australia, are based on the US price).

I hope you find it valuable, whether in an official QAR or simply as the basis for a discussion among your leadership team about the effectiveness of internal audit.

Your comments are welcome.

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